About Clive Radley

Clive Radley is a 1966 Queen Mary College BSc(Eng) Aero graduate and spent his whole career in Defence Systems Consultancy after starting as a very minor part of the Harrier jump jet design team.

After retiring he began researching the roots of his family’s boatbuilding business and the history and origins of sonobuoys.

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A history of GB women's competitive rowing

The main thrust of the book covers the nineteenth and early twentieth century when GB Women's rowing pioneers had to overcome sexism and paternalism to start rowing clubs which engaged in competitive rowing.

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The Radleys of the Lea

The Radleys of the Lea tells the story of the V. Radley and Sons family and is one of the few books about rowing and boatbuilding told from the boatbuilder’s viewpoint.

Containing over 180 illustrations, the book relates the history of the boatyard business and the rowing exploits of family members, who until World War II competed professionally.

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Sonobuoy history from a UK perspective

The UK’s Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) was a world leading centre for aerospace research and development in the Twentieth Century.

The book covers the early history of UK airborne Anti-Submarine Warfare in World War 1 through to the present day and also how sonobuoys were used to shadow USSR submarines.

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